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Since 1980, E.D’s Paint & Decorating has been your local resource for window treatments, paint options, interior styles, and premium flooring solutions from carpet to hardwood and everything in between. When choosing the best floors for your home, we’ve got you covered from starting the process to installing your new floors.

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The Preliminaries

When you’re making any major decision about your home, you don’t want to jump right into the deep end before you know how to swim. If this is your first time choosing flooring for your home, here are some things you’ll want to consider:

  1. Traffic: Certain areas of your home are naturally busier than others. Entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, and family rooms will also have more action than laundry rooms or home offices. Higher traffic means choosing a type of floor with exceptional durability and versatility. Kitchen floors, for example, will experience spills, dropped utensils, step ladders, or footstools sliding across them, and you want yours to be able to handle all of it. Also, remember that more footsteps mean more cleaning, so make sure to choose flooring that is easy to keep clean.
  2. Durability: We mentioned this above but believe it’s important to go into more detail. Even more budget-friendly options will be a significant investment, so you must consider your choice’s average longevity. The lifespan is especially true if you have kids or pets.
  3. Adaptability: Once your floors have been installed, they’ll ideally be there for years. If you’re a person who enjoys frequent redecorating, we advise opting for flexible flooring to accommodate future changes easily.
  4. Room Size and Location: The square footage and level in your home are also factors to keep in mind. The larger a room is, the more upkeep its floor will require. Rooms with substantial furnishings, such as sectionals or overstuffed chairs, will also make for more work as you have to move them when you are cleaning. Flooring on upper levels of a home is susceptible to flexing with age and specific flooring, such as ceramic tile, is not compatible with this.

Types of Flooring

Now that you have answers to essential questions and a solid starting point for shopping, we can get into the various types of flooring on the market.


The benefits of wood floors are extensive, which is why hardwood is such a popular choice for homeowners. We’ll touch on a few of them now. Natural wood adds a sense of warmth and coziness to every home and is never out of style. You can also count on wood floors to increase the value of your home. If you decide to put your home on the market in the future, you’ll find that potential buyers are willing to pay more for existing hardwood flooring. This is not only because of its classic charm but also because wood is easy to refinish should the new owner want a different look. Also, we can’t think of anyone who is excited to purchase a home with someone else’s carpet. Hardwood is also incredibly long-lasting. With proper care, wood floors can last for many decades.

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If you’re put off by the cost of wood floors or think your lifestyle would be too rough on them, laminate flooring is the next best thing. Laminate offers an incredibly realistic wood-like appearance with the budget-friendly cost of a synthetic product. This variety of flooring is created using a multi-layer process that includes an applique under a transparent protective layer. An inner core is generally composed of melamine resin and fiberboard material. Laminate is easy to install and extremely durable. It can withstand heavy traffic, spills, scuffs, and is even UV resistant to prevent premature discoloration and fading.


Another fantastic option for those seeking durability and affordability is vinyl flooring. You can choose from a nearly endless variety of patterns, textures, and colors for an amazingly realistic replication of many materials. Vinyl is also waterproof making it an ideal solution for basements, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and basements. This flooring also provides insulation which helps reduce your energy usage and creates a more pleasant feeling underfoot. You can throw almost anything at vinyl floors, and they won’t even flinch so bring on the kids, the pets, and the spills! It’s also incredibly easy to care for. You won’t need any specialty items to clean or maintain vinyl floors.

Flooring, ceramic tile, glazed ceramic, carpet, laminate, vinyl flooring, wood floors near Lexington, South Carolina (SC)

Ceramic Tile

You may think of ceramic as a fragile, highly breakable item but ceramic floor tiles are anything but. Ceramic tile is an eco-friendly choice as it's manufactured using natural materials, including sand, clay, and glass. Tile is also recyclable and is frequently made using recycled components. You can choose from a vast array of designs and have ceramic tile cut into specialty shapes to create unique patterns on your floor. This incredibly hard flooring material resists dents and cracks and is fire-resistant due to being kiln-fired at incredibly high temperatures.


While used carpet is not high on anyone’s wishlist, newly installed carpet can give a comfortable, luxurious feel to any room. Carpeting absorbs sound which makes it a great option for upper floors in your home. It is also a soft surface that lessens the impact of falls and is often used in playrooms, nurseries, and family rooms for this reason. Carpet is available in a wide selection of materials, textures, and colors and at several price points to fit any budget. You can go with wool carpet for an organic flooring solution that is also a natural air purifier. Carpet is also available made of nylon and polyester for enhanced durability and longevity. It all comes down to your personal preferences and where the carpet will be used in your home.

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