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Adding New Flooring to Homes

As we transition into a new season, you may be ready to give your home an upgrade. In particular, you may notice that your trusty floors are looking a little, well…aged. Don’t get us wrong, our home’s first flooring has let us walk, dance, and even play throughout the years for memories that always make us smile. However, giving your floors an upgrade allows you to make more memories while bringing your home into the 21st century. That is why we are here to discuss a variety of flooring options for you to choose from, including wood flooring, carpeting, and laminate. Read on to find your match!

New flooring for homes near Lexington, South Carolina (SC), including custom and child-proof options.

Option 1: Authentic Wood Flooring

Adding new flooring means a lot of things to a lot of people. It can mean giving your dining room a luxurious upgrade. Or, it can mean complementing the warm tones of the walls in your home. Whatever your goal is, authentic wood flooring is a stunning addition to any home. Hardwood floors are also known for their durability, which means you can enjoy these floors for years to come. In terms of maintenance, wood flooring only requires an occasional vacuum job or sweep. With this in mind, wood flooring is excellent for homes with spill-prone children or pets.

When it comes to cost, it should be known that wood flooring is often an expensive option that can require refinishing to keep its luster. Wood flooring also increases the acoustics in your home. This means that music, voices, and footsteps will be more noticeable if your home lacks any soft upholstery or rugs. By analyzing the different aspects of wood flooring, you can decide if this is the best option for you.

Option 2: Carpeting

If you want a classic floor type that offers a variety of benefits, then adding new flooring begins and ends with carpeting. Carpeting is a relatively inexpensive flooring option, which makes it great for homes that are hoping to stay on a budget. Opposite of wood flooring, carpeting improves the acoustics of your home thanks to its noise-absorption capabilities. This reduces echoes, footsteps, and more, making it perfect for homes that want some peace and quiet. Carpeting also tends to hide dirt better than tile, wood floors, or laminate floors, so you can get by vacuuming it every so often.

It should be noted that carpeting usually shows wear and tear sooner than other flooring options. Carpeted floors also absorb stains quickly and can stubbornly hold on to them. If regular maintenance is not on your wish list for flooring, then carpeting may not be your cup of tea.

Option 3: Laminate Flooring

If you want an inexpensive flooring option that boasts a clean look and low maintenance, then laminate flooring is the best option when it comes to adding new flooring to homes. Laminate floors are often inexpensive but boast the appearance, warmth, and beauty of hardwood floors depending on what style you get. Additionally, laminate flooring is stain-resistant and easy to clean. This makes it a great option for homes with pets or small children.

Laminate flooring can potentially increase the acoustics of the rooms they are placed in, so this is something to consider if you do not want any current sounds in your home amplified.


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