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Interior and Exterior Paint

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Paint, whether for a quick refresh or an in-depth renovation, is one of the easiest ways to change up the atmosphere of any room. At E.D.’s Paint and Decorating, we carry an array of premium interior paint and exterior paint, as well as high quality primers from the customer favorite Benjamin Moore®. Choose from not only stunning finishes, but from a vast collection of beautiful, rich colors that bring your ideas to life!

Interior Paint

It's not just paint, it's art worthy of your home! Choose from our collection of pigmented, full coverage paints with a range of purposes and finishes for a gorgeous, whole home experience.

Aura® Interior Paint- Color Lock® technology ensures coat that will provide a stunning finish and color that won't fade. Paint and primer combine together for a single coat project that's smooth and provides high coverage. Aura® resists scuffs and scratches. Aura® is colorful with every stroke and meets rigid environmental standards so you can enjoy safe, eco-friendly walls.

Aura® Bath and Spa Paint- Perfect for high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens! This paint style features a luxurious matte finish while creating a durable surface for resisting the elements. Enjoy gorgeous coverage in a VOC free paint that boasts low odor and saturated colors. This thick formula means you can expect solid coverage in fewer layers. Moisture-resistant paint means you can create beauty in any room!

Dinning room with shutters on French door and windows

Regal® Select Interior Paint- When you want range, this paint is your go-to! Not only does Regal® offer beautiful color payoff but comes in an easy to clean formula and a wide variety of sheens. Choose from flat, matte, eggshell, pearl, and semi-gloss for that custom, special touch to any interior decor.

ben® Interior Paint- Our most user-friendly paint with a beautiful selection of both premium colors and finishes that transform your wall into art. Experience professional quality even if you're not an artist!

ADVANCE® Interior Paint- This waterborne alkyd paint features a unique formula in an array of products, from primer to exterior paint. ADVANCE® boasts a polish look worthy of cabinetry.

Dinning room with shutters on French door and windows

Exterior Paint

Transform all aspects of your home with our collection of exterior paints that make it easier than ever to design the perfect home from top to bottom.

Aura® Exterior Paint- Bring the same great interior quality of the Aura® collection to the exterior of your home with this high performance, rich color paint. Experience Proprietary Color Lock® and a high build formula for extreme hide. Aura® stands up to low temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

Aura® Grand Entrance®- Powerful color and durability worthy of an eye-catching door. Grand Entrance® features easy, smooth application and is versatile enough for indoor and outdoor use. Check out the online video guide through Benjamin Moore on your smartphone or iPad for helpful tutorials and tips on how to get a great application every time!

Regal® Select and ben® also feature exterior paint selections with the same great features as their interior counterparts, from acrylic, easy-build formulas to a user-friendly experience.


Start your next painting project off right with the perfect foundation. We offer a complete collection of Benjamin Moore® primers for both interior and exterior projects. Each style offers exceptional adhesion for great color payoff and coverage as well as durability. No matter if your primary concern is painting weathered wood or sticking to natural paints that protect the environment, we have the primer for you!

Specialty & Stains

Accent walls are a hot topic right now. Add a pop of inspiration with the right supplies. Try ben® Chalkboard Paint for transforming virtually any interior surface into an erasable chalkboard –great for the artist in your home!

In addition to the perfect walls, we also carry paints excellent for floor and patio applications. Refresh your floors with quick-drying latex floor enamel with beautiful color and gloss that are sure to not only protect but attract attention.

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