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Custom Kitchen & Cabinet Designs

When designing a kitchen, there are many things to consider: your cooking and storage needs, the size of your space and its connection to adjacent rooms, the orientation of sunlight, your lifestyle and budget - and more!

Husband reading the paper and wife in kitchen both smiling in kitchen. Duette shades in the windows

We carry gorgeous Maidstone kitchen products to make your sink space an area where you not only want to do dishes but feel like you’re in a movie doing them. Now, you do not have to worry about matching cabinets, the sink, your oven, the oven hood, stove, and other kitchen objects. If you are going for a rustic or industrial look to match the rest of your home, you can add false exposed beams, or add wrought iron to give your home traditional or evergreen quality. You can implement granite counter-tops or a floor made of marble.

Kitchen with white counter and modern. Shades in the window
Custom Kitchen Designs and Custom Cabinets for Homes near Lexington, South Carolina (SC) like Modern Designs

Whether you want a natural kitchen dominated by natural light, or you want a home with classic tiles and brightened tones, we can craft a kitchen you will love; whether it be stainless steel, hardwood, or a completely white kitchen. Houses on or near the lake may want a beach theme for their home with a tropical design. If you prefer the natural beauty of the outdoor world, we can create a stylish indoor kitchen for you that is beauty, chic, and a source of joy for you and your family. We can create custom counters for you that can add a pop of color, a retro feel, or flesh out a farmhouse style kitchen. Your kitchen can be converted into a space that is brilliant and warm. Whatever your aesthetic, we can make your ideas for your perfect kitchen come to light and make it one of the most popular rooms in your home.

We can include a wine cabinet with the same amount of options for an ornate and bold design that will prevent your kitchen from feeling dark, gray, and shabby. We can create beautiful contrast, install a skylight, develop your chosen kitchen space into a statement that matches your dimensions. Whether you want shelves that match your chairs, or a hue and a tone that perfectly matches the pattern of your window treatments, or any number of design elements to craft your perfect kitchen, we can make that a reality.

Custom Kitchen Designs and Custom Cabinets for Homes near Lexington, South Carolina (SC) like Modern Rustic
Custom Kitchen Designs and Custom Cabinets for Homes near Lexington, South Carolina (SC) with Modern Islands

With us, your work is simple, and in no time, your kitchen will quickly become your favorite room. No more will you have to worry about buying new tools, stripping your kitchen bare and then refurnishing it, or accidentally making a mistake and the cost associated with it. With Ed’s Painting and Decorating, your kitchen will be done right the first time.

The experienced designers at ED's Paint & Decorating will walk you through the process of determining your kitchen needs. Our designers will also help you to set goals and a budget for your dream kitchen remodel or custom storage project with new cabinets. Whatever you need for your dream kitchen, please contact us to get started and let us bring your dream to reality!

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